Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest via Brickfund?

Brickfund is a technology-enabled real estate investment platform with an emphasis on exclusive real estate propositions and investor-friendly terms. The management team invests at least 10% in every property proposition.

When and how do I receive distributions?

Distributions are made quarterly from available operating cash flow and are automatically deposited into investors’ bank accounts.

  • Yes, you can become co-owner of several property propositions as long as there are ownership certificates available. Each proposition consists of multiple real estate objects.

  • The investments are structured in the form of private limited partnerships. Our operational partner is responsible for the day-to-day management of the properties, while Brickfund -as managing partner through a separate private company- takes responsibility for supervision, online reporting and important decisions on behalf of its investors.

  • We aim for an investment of at least thirty percent of equity per proposition. The remainder is financed with loan capital (from banks, pension funds, etc.).

  • We focus on quality over quantity and are constantly reviewing opportunities. However, we only act on the small subset we find compelling. As such, a limited number of investments may be available at any given time.

  • An average proposition is based on a 10-year hold period, unless the market conditions lead to a different strategy. In the interim, the share of the properties can be sold (with approval) to co-owners or third parties. Any attractive bid on the portfolio will be assessed by the manager and submitted to the participants. The portfolio will also be sold if the majority of the owners so request.

  • So far the yields have been 7.5% to 9.0%. Additional return on capital appreciation is realized as soon as real estate prices rise, and benefit the investors in full.

  • First you need to create an account with Brickfund and request access for a specific property proposition. You then purchase one or more certificates. Transactions are processed online via our payment partner Mollie or, if desired, via the third-party account of our notary. After receipt of your deposit we'll send you the agreement, which you must sign and return, after which your online account is supplemented with your ownership certificates. Once the investment properties have been transported to the notary, you will receive your share of net rental income in your bank account quarterly. We will also send you an extract from the land register as proof of purchase by the Limited Partnership.